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Peter Williams is Treasurer of Ashtead Rye Meadows Wetlands and his garden backs onto Rye Meadows, Fraudings Field. He takes photographs from his garden and here is one he took of a mother deer with two of her fawns in Fraudings field, just off Footpath 596 from Bushey Shaw. There are still many residents in Ashtead who are unaware of this open land behind Links Road that runs parallel to the Rye Brook. As well as deer, there are foxes, voles and much birdlife, including water fowl on the ponds in Centenary Field.

Centenary Field will be open all year, but enjoy the walk through Fraudings field whilst it is still open to the public. We may need to close the field to protect the ground conditions during the winter months.

Deerand Fawn Fraudings Oct 2020 v7 002