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David for web siteDavid Baker is the Chairman of the Friends of Ashtead Rye Meadows Wetlands and is also a volunteer for the site. As well as being with this group, David is also a Committee Member of the Ashtead Residents' Association and Chairman of the Ashtead Woods Road Residents' Association.

David and his family moved into Ashtead 22 years ago but moved to Ashtead Woods Road 20 years ago. Until retirement he was with Lloyds Bank for 36 years, and then with Harrods Bank for another 8 years on a part-time basis. Now fully retired he expected to be a man of leisure but it hasn't quite worked out that way!

He is often to be seen walking his daughter's dog Cassie in the Meadows or on Ashtead Common, or to the hardware shop in Craddocks Parade for Cassie to get her daily biscuit.

David is also responsible for the Rye Meadows website and all email communication with the friends and volunteers.