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IMG 2421 Jim Jones

Jim was born in Epsom and attended Ewell High School. He also lived in Spa Drive in The Wells. He was Wetland Landscapes Officer for Surrey Wildlife Trust. As a member of the Living Landscapes team, Jim’s role was to create opportunities for habitat creation and enhancement to create a landscape for wildlife and people that makes Surrey’s wild places “bigger, better and more joined up”. He offered advice to landowners and community groups on improving sites for wildlife.

He was previously Hedgerows for Dormice Officer at People’s Trust for endangered species, but later his main focus was on working towards good ecological status for Surrey’s Rivers and restoring habitats for Otter and Watervole. He still found time to be on Surrey Mammal Group’s Steering committee and undertake regular dormice and small mammal trapping.

Jim was very excited about the possibilities at Ashtead Rye Meadows. At the time he said, “Daphne and George’s  vision for the land offers a chance to improve valuable wetland habitat for water voles, dragonflies, great crested newts and harvest mice as well as providing capacity for water to stay longer on the land and alleviate flooding down stream. Its also a chance for local people to connect back with the Rye Brook which is an important feature in the local landscape”.

After his work with Rye Meadows, Jim left Surrey Wildlife Trust and has moved to Canada to work on on a much bigger landscape and we wish him well in this new venture.