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Nigel joined the Friends of Ashtead Rye Meadows in 2014 after moving his home to Ashtead.  He is a retired Chemical Engineer with a lifetime interest in natural history.  Since joining Rye Meadows he has renewed a childhood interest in the creatures that live in and around freshwater.  

As a volunteer with Surrey Wildlife Trust's RiverSearch and RiverFly schemes, he is monitoring the health of the Rye Brook in Rye Meadows by quarterly surveys of the environment around the stream.  These surveys look for potential barriers to wildlife, sources of pollution and damaging invasive species as well as the improvements made by Daphne, Rye Meadows volunteers and partner organisations.  

Nigel measures the impact of these by sampling and counting the populations of key health indicator species living in the stream.  We can already see the beneficial effects of our work in the survey results.  

He also participates in volunteer work programmes and is a member of the committee.