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Mike Thurner has kindly undertaken a survey on Rye Meadows for Dragonflies and Damsel Flies.

Beautiful Demoiselle"Wednesday 8th June 2016. It was overcast but warm (19 C) with a few weak sunny intervals.

The Rye Brook flows from east to west through the site. Some stretches are heavily shaded by Blackthorn and thus less attractive to dragonflies and damselflies. However there are several short stretches which are open, increasingly towards the western end of the site where a line of three scrapes has been created close to the brook. Some stretches are narrow with a good flow and others are wider and shallow with a gravel bottom.

I walked from east to west along the south bank of the brook with what sun there was behind me as I faced the book and shining onto the bank side vegetation.

Damselflies were present along the length of the site but more numerous at the western end where the two dragonflies were flying over the scrapes.

I plan to make further visits later in the year to cover the flight period of various species.

A record of Mike's observations can be view by opening the following file:-

Dragonfly Surveys.